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You want to keep up with the latest news here at the Grand Lake Guardian? But you also don’t want to have to keep returning to the site constantly to find out whether something new has been posted?

Isn’t there a better way? Yes! In fact there are two better ways…

For the higher-tech, somewhat geekier of you, check out how to “Subscribe to the Grand Lake Guardian via its RSS feed.”

However, if you’re not that geeky, or just don’t need to know the very minute something new is posted, sign up to receive the Grand Lake Guardian Newsletter via email.

The Newsletter comes out roughly every week to let you know when new stories have been posted — and to tell you something about them. This way you’ll get a little reminder to head on back to the Guardian’s web site and can see in advance what might be of interest to you there. (If there’s an important breaking story, we’ll send a special issue out ASAP.)

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